With our hands-on attitude in the blending and processing of tops and attention-to-detail throughout the process, we can ensure a superior end product.

Having a mill dedicated to processing only mohair as well as being situated in the Eastern Cape, the heart of the world’s mohair producing area, will give SAMIL’s clients the assurance that every effort is made to provide the best possible raw material available.

Apart from the standard commercial range of tops available, SAMIL also makes every effort in supplying speciality lots as per client’s requests and needs. 

With our emphasis firmly focused in the mohair industry, special efforts are made to supply speciality lots of tops at the request of clients. Having access to a specialised sorting department, SAMIL is willing to resort hair to clients requirements and then combing speciality lots as small as 250 kgs.

Offering lots guaranteed from source to spinner is also a service offered and SAMIL is prepared to have such lots certified at client’s request.

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