Overcoming the Decline in Mohair Production

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Combing Locally Since 1987

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The Very Best Mohair Tops

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SAMIL originated in 1965 when a Bradford textile trading company opened a subsidiary company called International Mohair Topmakers (PTY) Ltd in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, in what was then and still is the centre of the world mohair industry. Over the years there have been many changes in the business, moving from greasy purchasing and then commission combing both abroad and in South Africa, before opening its own combing mill, Border Combing Company, in 1987.In 1992 South African Mohair Industries Limited (SAMIL) was formed. Primarily a mohair trader and processor, SAMIL’s ambitions have reached far beyond this activity, and it now sees itself as the link between mohair producers, processors and consumers.

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Spinning and Dyeing

SAMIL Spinning (previously Cape Mohair Spinners) was established in 1994 and is located in Port Elizabeth at the heart of the South African mohair industry

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Based at the source of the mohair industry, with its early beginnings firmly entrenched in mohair, it is only natural that mohair forms the main component of the Trading Division of SAMIL.

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As mohair processing has decreased in other areas of the world, SAMIL Combing, as it is now known, has become one of the world’s leading processors of mohair.

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SAMIL, one of the principal mohair top processors and exporters in the world, was seriously concerned about the steady decline in the production of greasy mohair in South Africa and so, in 2011, the company launched one of its most ambitious projects to date.

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Genetic Research

The project starts with 15 selected rams, owned by ANGELA and 500 ewes, the latter remaining the property of the participating farmers

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Our Products

Machine Knitting Yarns

SAMIL Spinning creates a comprehensive selection of quality machine knitting yarns. Counts vary from 1/40NM ringspun yarn to finely brushed fancy mohair yarn containing Super Kid Mohair, Wool, Silks and other fibre combinations. Our range of yarns is based on current trends and these include solid shades and melanges. We are able to offer all our yarns in different counts suited to various knitting machine gauges. The dyeing of both our hand and machine knitting yarns is done at our own dye house, where we test, create and perfect our extensive colour ranges.

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Having a mill dedicated to processing only mohair as well as being situated in the Eastern Cape, the heart of the world’s mohair producing area, will give SAMIL’s clients the assurance that every effort is made to provide the best possible raw material available. Apart from the standard commercial range of tops available, SAMIL also makes every effort in supplying speciality lots as per client’s requests and needs.  With our emphasis firmly focused in the mohair industry, special efforts are made to supply speciality lots of tops at the request of clients. Having access to a specialised sorting department, SAMIL is willing to resort hair to clients requirements and then combing speciality lots as small as 250 kgs. Offering lots guaranteed from source to spinner is also a service offered and SAMIL is prepared to have such lots certified at client’s request. SAMIL is proud of their hands on attitude in both the blending and processing of tops, and with the attention given throughout the entire Top making process, are confident of delivering a superior product.

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Weaving Yarns

SAMIL Spinning is a leading manufacturer and exporter of mohair weaving yarns, mohair blended yarns and melange yarns. We provide fancy dyed weaving yarns on cone direct from our own dye house. In addition to the option of purchasing the yarns in raw white (ecru), dyed as solid shades or blended into a palette of wonderful melange shades, we have introduced the option of hand-painted yarns which creates a totally unique effect when combined with melanges or solid yarns. Mohair is still as popular as ever and our collection of rich loop mohair yarns of different thicknesses, textures and blends, all perfectly dyed or supplied on hank/skein, or dye package has proved extremely successful with our customers. Our 78% Mohair 13% Wool 9% Nylon blend is still a favourite in this range. With the significant benefits of producing at origin, it is our aim to raise awareness of South African mohair among weavers around the world.

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Hand Knitting Yarns

SAMIL Spinning's luxurious hand knitting yarns feature the finest fibres, in a diverse range of rich colours. We create perfectly blended fancy and worsted yarns in both all-natural as well as natural and synthetic fibre combinations to create lovely, soft, hand knitting yarns. We invest in developing trend-inspired ranges while still manufacturing established favourites that our clients have grown to trust and keep as part of their own staple collections. We are committed to supplying a broad range of internationally renowned mohair products to both local and the global markets, while embracing a philosophy of continuous product improvement in order to meet on-going customer requirements. As we have our own dye house, we are able to çreate the colour ranges our clients desire. At SAMIL Dyeing, we consistently strive to innovate and perfect new colour recipes in our laboratories. Our sales team is able to assist the client with colours of the perfect fibre to meet all their hand knitting requirements. To view our full range please visit

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